Pastel Sensation

So I took some shots from my little sister’s SD card of her photoshoot for DJ Atomik’s website soon to be launched. I really like the colours on this singlet – reminds me of a warm summer breeze as the sun sets. Being in the middle of winter this look is not really practical but looking at this is an instant warm me up. Plus I am a fan of the colour lilac/purple 🙂 Hype this look on!!

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Rewind ladies at Auto Salon – A Nationwide Tour

Last year we secured our place as the 2010 Auto Salon main stage feature act. Touring Australia with hotted up cars and the Mighty Mods fellas we tore up with stage 4 times a day in order to provide some half time entertainment. Whilst there were a lot of late night rehearsals, costume brainstorming and studio time, it was all worth it as we showcased the latest choreography by Melbourne dancers to an audience in the thousands. A collaborative effort with Vince Calingasan, Shane Clarke and the Rewind ladies meant we were able to perform different styles in a 10 minute set. Thank you to all of you who came out to see the cars & the show. Hopefully we get to do it again! x

Mighty Mods


I like travelling & learning new things

I like coming home

I like scallops

I like the head & neck massage I get at the hairdresser’s basin

I like bright-coloured painted toenails

I like Sunday Viet-rolls & coffee with the husband

I like dancing with Rewind

I like gathering around mum’s dinner table having talks with the family

I like the excited feeling I get when I come up with what I think is a brilliant idea

I like the feeling of sun-kissed skin

I like box hedges & the manicured gardens of Versailles

I like foie gras

I like the smell of frangipanis, gardenias and roses

I like the feeling of warm concrete under my feet

I like when music & the treble clef symbol

I like fine dining and Father Noel’s eye-opening advice

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