UEG presents Jun Quemado in Australia

Touching down in Melbourne today, Jun Quemado is the international guest judge for this year’s AHC competition. Jun will also be conducting workshops and touring around Australia over the next few days. Catch him in Melbourne at the following studios! Sunday 2nd October – Passions Studios and Monday 3rd October at Unitd Styles Studios. Don’t miss you opportunity to be inspired – Register now to secure your place! http://www.ueg.com.au See you all at AHC tomorrow…(or today!)

MSFW 2011 – Made in Melbourne & Harajuku Crepes

The girls and I headed out to Melbourne Central on Saturday 10.09.11 to oogle at the latest offerings from Coelho, Denise SL Spalk, HerPony, Lisa Taranto, Marion Liese lingerie, Mina & Katusha, Prussia, Reverie, Silk & Ink and Violet & I. Wish I could have taken more of the beautiful pieces but my shots were blinded the spotlights so I just enjoyed the show, the fashion and the models. I loved feminine pieces in the Her Pony collection and the clanging glass installations on Lisa Taranto’s models. Silk and Ink had a bejeweling combo that would be a perfect outfit for after work drinks & a relaxed but trendy night out with the ladies – deep green pants, a colourful yellow top finished off with a dark blue sequined cropped jacket with structured shoulders.
After feasting our eyes on the latest on the collaborative show of Melbourne’s independent fashion labels, I couldn’t resist a quick pit stop at Harajuku Crepes in order to fuel our ride home. The banana delight has got to be my fav as I never seem to order anything other crepe flavour in case it doesn’t satisfy. At least I know with my banana, Nutella, custard and crepe combo that my taste buds will be intoxicated by the sweet warm goodness and I won’t suffer from buyers’ remorse! The service, though sometimes abrupt, is quick and efficient so this eatery is a must if you’re visiting the Melbourne and in need of quick dessert after splurging on the stores inside the Melbourne Central complex.
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Thai in the wild, wild West

With my first ever taste of Thai cuisine beginning several years ago at a little but well-known eatery on Lygon street, I have recently been pleasantly surprised in finding some great little Thai places in Melbourne’s wild wild Western suburbs! After eating at over a dozen Thai restaurants around Melbourne and Thailand (Bangkok & Phuket), I can safely say that Thai food is one of my favourite cuisines.

The beginning – Ying Thai 2, 110 Lygon St, Carlton

Ying Thai 2’s Larb Ped, a roast duck salad with spring onion, onion, chilli & ground rice. The sauce all over this mouth-watering dish is drink-worthy!

Yum Sam Grop – ahhh the must have dish every time I eat here – Crispy pork skin & seafood salad with cashews and a sweet chilli sauce. YUM!

Tom Yum – does this dish even need a description? I can affectionately say that this is the dish that I suffered the hot chilliness for just in order to consume it! Even as a former employee at Nando’s, I was never able to eat any foods with chilli in it – lemon & herb was enough for me. One fateful girly catch up, my dear high school friends booked Ying Thai 2 as our meeting place and since then I have never looked back. Chilli all the way please! This tom yum soup is just bursting with that sweet and sour flavour that instantly makes my mouth water every time I think of it. Thank you Ying Thai 2 (and Mel, Sarah & Trang) for introducing me to the Thai cuisine & again widening my palette experiences.

Don’t let the fluoro green walls and colourful decor fool you – this place has seriously good Thai flavours!

P.S Another dish I like at Ying Thai 2 is the mild curry Gang Panang.
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2) The best in the West – Caroline Thai, Shop 9 Caroline Springs Shopping Central, Caroline Springs Boulevard
After entertaining myself with the Urbanspoon app whilst waiting for husband to finish his dj set, I found that Caroline Thai was one of the only Thai restaurants listed on the app in the Brimbank area – I had to try it. First trip there the tom yum was great! Second time, the tom yum was just a tad bit too bland for my liking. Third time luck, husband and I had found our favourite dishes on the Caroline Thai menu, and the tom yum this time did not disappoint. Service is always friendly and efficient. The decor is cozy and the crockery has its own little cute touches. And the background music has a nice relaxing feel to it that reminds of the various day spa appointments we had on Phi Phi Island during our honeymoon stay. And now for our favourites!:

Tom Yum – I try this dish at every Thai place we eat at just to set the standard for the rest of what we think the quality of the meals will be.

Golden Nest – the crowd favourite. A pork and seafood dish sitting on a “nest” of dried fried noodles. Absolute genius!

Moo Yang BBQ – Grilled pork with Thai herbs. So much flavour and because we ordered way more than our tummies could handle, we took this home & had it with steamed rice the next day – JACKPOT! It was so good, hit the spot hard! Definitely having this dish again. Worth going back for. Reminded me just a little bit of a sweeter version of Filipino bbq skewers/tocino! Now that’s flavour for you.
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Now as it is getting late, I’ll post about the newly opened Bangkok Kitchen (Carinlea) and the popular Keilor Road restaurants Saowadee & Krabi Thai soon! ‘Til then please feel free to leave comments & if you have any suggestions on more great Thai eateries please let me know! Catch you later.


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