MSFW 2011 – Made in Melbourne & Harajuku Crepes

The girls and I headed out to Melbourne Central on Saturday 10.09.11 to oogle at the latest offerings from Coelho, Denise SL Spalk, HerPony, Lisa Taranto, Marion Liese lingerie, Mina & Katusha, Prussia, Reverie, Silk & Ink and Violet & I. Wish I could have taken more of the beautiful pieces but my shots were blinded the spotlights so I just enjoyed the show, the fashion and the models. I loved feminine pieces in the Her Pony collection and the clanging glass installations on Lisa Taranto’s models. Silk and Ink had a bejeweling combo that would be a perfect outfit for after work drinks & a relaxed but trendy night out with the ladies – deep green pants, a colourful yellow top finished off with a dark blue sequined cropped jacket with structured shoulders.
After feasting our eyes on the latest on the collaborative show of Melbourne’s independent fashion labels, I couldn’t resist a quick pit stop at Harajuku Crepes in order to fuel our ride home. The banana delight has got to be my fav as I never seem to order anything other crepe flavour in case it doesn’t satisfy. At least I know with my banana, Nutella, custard and crepe combo that my taste buds will be intoxicated by the sweet warm goodness and I won’t suffer from buyers’ remorse! The service, though sometimes abrupt, is quick and efficient so this eatery is a must if you’re visiting the Melbourne and in need of quick dessert after splurging on the stores inside the Melbourne Central complex.
Harajuku Crepes on Urbanspoon

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