Port Douglas magic

I must admit that Port Douglas was not on the top of my list for this year’s travel destinations but I could not miss out on attending a friend’s wedding. Upon receiving the wedding invite we immediately booked our flights as we have heard from quite a few friends that Port Douglas is simply amazing…and boy were they right about that. As soon as Wes & I arrived there I already started thinking about planning our next trip there. The Port does that to you. The tropical weather and laid back vibe makes it easy for this place to grab your attention and make you want to come back even though you haven’t even left. I could not believe that I had not visited this place sooner!
The wedding was beautiful, held in a cute, little chapel with the reception taking place underneath a huge lantern-lit tree.

I wore a maxi dress that proved to be the perfect outfit for such hot weather and a Sportsgirl clutch that I bought on sale surprised me by the amount of content it could hold! A great find! I started off by wearing RMK wedges to the ceremony but decided to go with the relaxed vibe by switching to metallic gold thongs ready for a boogie 🙂

More pics to come soon!


Backstreet sleeks

Taken on a Saturday afternoon when we couldn’t find the location of a particular garage sale, these photos were shot in the back streets of Brunswick. At the time, these American Apparel pants were all I wanted to wear when going out. I think they were part of the most easy to wear costume I’ve worn yet! (I’ll attach pics of the Bruno Mars gig when I get onto my sister’s computer).