Globe moments

Coming home from rehearsals so late I always feel hungry. Sometimes feel like greasy Macca’s but right now I really feeling like visiting Globe on Chapel. Haven’t been there in the while and am feeling the need for some girly time – chatting over a glass of Pinot Gris & the chef’s tasting plate & sizzling garlic prawns (shown above). The lemon citrus tart with kaffir lime curd and the creme brulee at this Chapel street institution are uh-mazing! A nice place to relax and chill with a girlfriend in between class & rehearsals or straight after work. Hmmmm, it’s a bit to late for a Globe moment now…time to hit the bed instead. Nite! xoxo

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Circa 2003 – Rewind Reclaim Photo Set

Came across these photos today on my hard drive…a time when there was no Youtube, no Facebook and nowhere to watch dance but Video Hits, Rage and the music award shows that were shown on tv whilst we eagerly had our fingers on “record” in order to save them.
These photos show a time when there were only a few dance crews in the scene. Melbourne, and Australia for that matter is so blessed now to have so many events & classes where anyone with a passion for dance can take part and express themselves in a safe an encouraging environment. Thank you Rewind for such an unbelievable journey – let’s keep it alive ❤

Pho Hien Saigon

If you’re in the mood for some hot, tasty pho, then look no further than Hampshire Road in Sunshine – Pho Vien Saigon. Another eatery that we frequent for fast, affordable service and meals. Start off with the prawn rolls with tangy dip and then move onto pho and combination rice vermicelli. At first I thought that I wouldn’t have enough sauce for the rice vermicelli dish but after mixing my bowl full of pork, spring rolls and fresh herbs and noodles, the sauce coats the dish nicely. Make sure you try their avocado smoothie..YUMMO!

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FreshChilliDeli Sundays

A Sunday staple for us – Viet rolls & coffee from Fresh Chilli Deli! Such cheap bbq pork rolls served so quickly.
I never really thought of Sunshine’s Hampshire road as a place to find good places to eat until recently. This main road actually has a good choice of cheap, family-friendly restaurants and also 3 bakeries that serve Vietnamese rolls. Fresh Chilli Deli is so far the one that has the most efficient service, serving me my order before I even have time to put my change away. The pork roll, chicken roll and mixed ham rolls are our favourites, and we always order them with a hot combination bun & coffee. The smooth textured & rich tasting mugs of caffeine served at FCD are good enough to rival and, even better than most of the so-called cafe’s in the city (except for St Ali’s, that’s still my fave). A must-try in the West. Ahhhhh, a great lazy Sunday lunch! Speaking of which, I need to get my VRC (Viet Rolls & Coffee) hit right now! Catch you soon.

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The Port

Photo set from our first trip to Port Douglas October ’11.

Port Douglas Sunday market. My DIY “Sideless Top” :). Cocktails! – that’s when I know I am away on a relaxing tropical holiday. Trying to have a healthy brekkie after the french toast with syrup and crispy bacon. The main street in the Port. Macrossan Street. Kelly the bride. Wes out on the reef getting excited about our snorkeling trip.


Jalan Alor in Melbourne

Now having only discovered the tasty flavours of Malaysian cuisine 2 years ago on my first trip to KL, I am still on the hunt for a place in Melbourne that serves great nasi lemak. A steady number of Malaysian restaurants have been popping up for a while now around Melbourne proving the rising popularity of this Asian cuisine. Recently we visited Jalan Alor nestled in the Village arcade on Bourke street. With a clean, modern interior, Jalan Alor takes its name from the well known street in KL, Malaysia boasting of hawker street food til wee hours of the morning.
The service at Jalan Alor is friendly and the meals are cheap, however I was a little disappointed in the size of helpings and the nasi lemak needed a more sambal. If you are after your own table then you’d best come during the off-peak dinner hours as during dinnertime the owners try to cram as many customers in to the restaurant and you may find yourself elbow to elbow with a hungry stranger. The red bean drink and cold te were refreshing and sweet and the roti dessert covered in condense milk and sugar were crisp & light. The cendol was yummo! As the meals are affordable and quite tasty, I would definitely visit Jalan Alor again and hopefully try some other dishes to see how they fare with the rest of their menu.
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Now this is the nasi lemak that rocked my mouth! (Old Town White Coffee, KL, Malaysia). Since we’re on the topic, here are some pics taken from the start of the year from our trip to Malaysia & Singapore.

The real Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, after-clubbing late night snacks, Benki’s recommendation for the best chicken wings around, grilled sting ray

Lando meets Tucker

Today after Lando’s first time at puppy school, we went to visit Charlene & Shane’s new puppy, Tucker! The weather was amazing so we went up the road to St Kilda to soak up some rays and let our puppies play. Never having had a puppy before, the hubby & I have been learning lots of new things with little Lando around the house.