First Sunday in March 2012

With the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival taking place this month, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of a rare, relaxing Sunday not packed with appointments, rehearsals, or do’s to attend. So we visited Southbank to check out the festivities. Arriving to the live sounds of some musicians playing “Walking On Sunshine” immediately reminded why I love this city! – felt like dancing in the street as the sun warmed up my skin.

Friday dinner at Esposito on Elgin

A Best Restaurants voucher for a Christmas present, an upcoming holiday for my parents, and a general family catch up were responsible for us booking dinner with Father Noel at Esposito. Elgin street in Carlton has consistently provided us with a great offering of restaurants to share a meal & good conversation. I was actually surprised I had not visited this Melbourne institution before having been operating for nearly two decades. With friendly staff & a fresh interior, we made our way through an array of tasty dishes including oysters, scallops, John Dory fillets and my fave, the crab omelette. The mains initially looked a little on the small side however I was glad when my Spaghettini “Of the Sea” arrived. It was a generous serve of perfectly cooked pasta overflowing with mussels, prawns, scallops, calamari, oysters and fish (I had quickly checked out the other tables in the restaurant when I first sat down – looked like this was a popular option!). With no room for dessert (my eyes were too big for my tummy!), I had a flat white to end the night x

P.S Thanks to JM Photography for the images
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