Randy Dragon Saturdays

It’s Thursday and I love Thursdays I count it as another day of the weekend! 😛 Haven’t been out in a while since I’ve been stuck into the books from the Hunger Games trilogy (nerd alert!) but if you’re looking for a place that plays great music, serves drinks with a smile, and has a cool, relaxed atmosphere, head to Randy Dragon on Saturday! Drink & dance to the sounds of DJ Atomik, DJ Weapon X, DJ Mush and DJ AStyles just to name a few! 🙂

Randy Dragon, located in Flinders lane betweem Elizabeth and Queen St, Melbourne.

If you’re wanting to download some cool mixes to listen to visit DJ Atomik’s soundcloud.

Tocino pork rolls

After a full week of catch ups in the first week of August, it was nice to be home with the kitchen looking like this! – hubby and his tocino roll creation. Trying to bring more home-made lunches to work, the main showstopping act in this delicious roll were the slices of tocino (sweet & savoury Filipino flavoured pork). Hubby added some veggies which he had pickled himself (just a packet of coleslaw mix on sale from Coles), coriander and cucumber finished off with a dash of soy sauce. It was a whole mix of ingredients that tasted really good together when we toasted them in the sandwich press the next day.

Have you got a special lunchbox creation you’d like to share? Let me know! 🙂

a dance crew’s playground – October ’11 photo set


It was a dance crew’s playground in October ’11 with the likes of choreographers and dancers such as Jun Quemado (AHC2011 finals judge), Brian Puspos, Pat Lam, Andye J, Keone & Mari and JP San Pedro (Janet Jackson back up dancer) rockin’ Melbourne city. I was so excited to learn from all these amazingly talented people and hope to see them again…soon!

Which choreographer would you like to learn from here in Melbourne?

My local pizza place



Monday nights “Monday $10 Parma & drink night” for hubby & I. With the weather warming up to nice balmy evenings (yes I wrote this a while ago, but hadn’t managed to post it up until now), a quick stroll down the road means a stop at Cafe Olivieto’s – the local pizza joint with a menu that surprisingly has a lot to offer. Cafe Olivieto’s tables sprawl out overlooking the courtyard where we like to people-watch as mums, dads, kids & the in-betweeners rush about buying their groceries from Coles or dinner from the other local restaurants (the Cairnlea Town Centre has a wide variety of eateries ranging from Thai & Filipino restaurants to kebabas, to the classic fish & chips, chicken shop & a Chinese restaurant that serves yum cha daily!).
The pizzas are made fresh to order with chunky toppings and Cafe Olivieto’s generously sized parma meals served with bolognese really hit the spot after a long hard day’s work. As this place is so popular there is sometimes a bit of a wait on meals and pizzas but I don’t mind as I can quickly duck to the groceries or browse the make up aisles in Priceline!

What is your favourite thing about your local area?

Cafe Oliveto on Urbanspoon

August Catch up’s #3!

Excited for my third catch up of the week, I drove straight from work to the Hillside area. After being work colleagues for over 5 years, Loz, Ags & I have managed to stay in touch, catching up to hear about the happenings in each other’s departments in one of Australia’s biggest financial bodies. I learned a lot from these ladies when we first started our careers in the corporate world, and years on our conversations have moved from being about management, leadership & training, to babies, holiday & honeymoons.

Whilst Loz cooked us dinner, we read Dear Zoo to baby & he LOVED Aggie’s animated storytelling! It brought back memories of pop-up books & storytelling before bedtime & how it’s the simple things that can bring a smile to someone’s face 🙂 We kissed bubba goodnight & he went off to dream land whilst we had a lovely home cooked meal – chicken cacciatore.

To Do!:

– buy some classic children’s books like Dear Zoo

– buy Save Our Sleep – apparently it’s a great book that will help both baby and parents get some valuable shut-eye time 🙂

What are some things you have on your “To Do” list after catching up with friends?

August Catch up’s #2!

Second catch up for the week was with really not my catch up but I tagged along with hubby for the chocolate at Max Brenner in Watergardens. While hubby caught up with an interstate friend about all things in the event world, I made my way through the chocolate fondue and it was oh so good! MB’s at Watergardens is always so packed with the line never failing to reach the door at the entrance but chocolate is worth the wait. As I type this I feel like taking the quick drive there now! Warm, smooth and sweet, it was a perfect way to end a Tuesday night after work.

Max Brenner’s chocolate fondue – as the melted chocolate was already sweet enough, I only had one marshmallow and opted for the fruit instead.

I kept myself busy by reading Twitter updates and reading “How to Legally Reduce Your Tax” on the iPad. Even though I love the smell and feel of physical books, it was so frustrating trying to find this book AND the lack of bookstores in the local shopping centre. It was so easy and convenient just to search for it online,click on “buy” as it was in my eager little hands ready to read in seconds -I should have turned to the net before I walked around for a few hours trying to find the book in the non-exsistent bookstores. Bring back BORDERS please!

August Catch Up’s #1!


Have got a few catch up’s lined up this week so I’ll update this post as they come about 🙂 For now here’s a pic to relate to.

First catch up of the week was a Yim Yam in  Yarraville with the girls I have known the longest – my high school friends Mel, Sez & Trang 🙂 I am so grateful for their loyalty and friendship. It never ceases to amaze me that after all these years and such different paths we hold nothing back when we catch up! – we talk about anything from religion to relationships, babies and work and everything in between! They help me stay grounded by keeping me focused on the most important things in life. Check out Mel’s blog – Path of Illumination for articles on spiritual growth, parenting and sustainable living.

Yim Yam’s Pad Thai

Yim Yam’s Putt Grapow (basil stir fry)

Yim Yam’s special of the night – Lemongrass grilled pork with chilli ginger sauce (favourite alert!)