My local pizza place



Monday nights “Monday $10 Parma & drink night” for hubby & I. With the weather warming up to nice balmy evenings (yes I wrote this a while ago, but hadn’t managed to post it up until now), a quick stroll down the road means a stop at Cafe Olivieto’s – the local pizza joint with a menu that surprisingly has a lot to offer. Cafe Olivieto’s tables sprawl out overlooking the courtyard where we like to people-watch as mums, dads, kids & the in-betweeners rush about buying their groceries from Coles or dinner from the other local restaurants (the Cairnlea Town Centre has a wide variety of eateries ranging from Thai & Filipino restaurants to kebabas, to the classic fish & chips, chicken shop & a Chinese restaurant that serves yum cha daily!).
The pizzas are made fresh to order with chunky toppings and Cafe Olivieto’s generously sized parma meals served with bolognese really hit the spot after a long hard day’s work. As this place is so popular there is sometimes a bit of a wait on meals and pizzas but I don’t mind as I can quickly duck to the groceries or browse the make up aisles in Priceline!

What is your favourite thing about your local area?

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