Foodie Fridays – Korean cuisine in Sydney

With the hubby getting flown up to Sydney to DJ at Pontoon tonight, I really wish I could go to cheer him on but also to eat at an amazingly tasty Korean place in the city! Can’t remember what the name of the place was so I’ll have to add it here when I find out, but the food was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below are some pics of the dishes our Sydney host ordered for us so hopefully I’ll get to visit Sydney after the bubba is born to indulge in the dishes below…

Dish 1: A variety of kim chi dishes

Dish 2: Bulgogi

Dish 3: Gganpoong gi –

Dish 4: Cheese Buldak – a MUST try dish!

If you’re in Sydney and looking for somewhere to go tonight with good music, check out DJ Atomik on the decks at Perfect@Pontoon.

Travel Tuesdays – Venice Beach May 2012

Our first week in the America was filled with trips to the beaches. Knowing that Melbourne’s weather was about to get real chilled, I think we wanted to make the most of the warm, sunny reception in LA. Venice Beach was awesome!

The people: So many people with so many personalities. There were a lot of hustlers, buskers, and people who talked enthusiastically to themselves!?
The shopping: We shopped for novelty tshirts and cheap jewellery.
The Food: We ate some fresh fruits and hot dogs.
Favourite thing to do: Definitely people-watching!…and maybe next time I’ll get to try the bike-riding or roller-blading along the beach side.
Venice Beach is somewhere to go if you’re looking for a colourful way to spend your day 🙂

Travel Tuesdays – U.S.A May 2012

It’s already September and I still haven’t been able to upload all my photos from my trip to America this past May. My lappy has been playing up and not reading my SD card so I’ve quickly jumped on to the Mac to try and get some done before hubby needs to use it!

Thought I’d try and make a routine of uploading travel pics up every Tuesday so I’m going to start with pics from the U.S.A to get me in the mood for Melbourne’s spring/summer season 🙂

Upper west side and around 16 weeks of bun in the oven! 😉