Travel Tuesdays – Yarrawonga Mulwala

A year ago Rewind was invited to the towns of Yarrawonga and Mulwala to do a dance tour of the primary and secondary schools in the area. The town residents were so welcoming and we had a blast teaching them. You can see pics of the classes on the Rewind blog here.

With great weather and great company, we spent our down time relaxing by the lake and trying out the water activities. It was so much fun and hopefully this year we’ll be back again for more!

Yarrawonga is around 3 and a half hours drive from Melbourne situated in north Victoria across the Murray River from the New South Wales town of Mulwala. The original aboriginal inhabitants of the area were the Pangerang Tribe and named the area. “Yarra” means “water running over rocks” and “wonga” was named after the “wonga pigeon”. Mulwala means big lagoon or big back water.

5 days to go

5 days to go.
No Monday-itis to be found today! Sun is shining and the weather is great! My Twitter & Facebook feeds have all heralded nothing but positive updates which is nice to see! (sometimes there’s just so much emo-ness and negative musings on there). Bubs is due on Saturday and until today there haven’t really been any signs of his impending arrival. Today I think I’ve been feeling an onset of BH? – a few pains here and there feeling like a tightening of muscles or period pain…not too sure…but it’s probably the most discomfort I’ve felt these past 9 months (apart from the never-ending reflux at night).
Lunch with mum and sis at Chef Lagenda, a trip to Bunnings to buy some potted colour. one load of washing and tidying up the kitchen is all I’ve managed to get done so far today as I needed to nap to help these pressure pains go away.Thought I’d take some pics of the simple, pretty things around our home today πŸ™‚
I also used PicMonkey to create a quick collage of some of the pics of my baby bump throughout the past 9 months! I hope you like!