I am 7 weeks old!

IMG_0003Acey and DanieleatingNguyen familyIMG_9719outings IMG_0079mummy showerIMG_0107


Oops! Here was a post I was supposed to put up last week but it was sitting in my drafts folder.

Baby and I had such a great week catching up with friends near and far before Christmas. I’m slowly getting used to venturing out on my own with my bubba. It just takes several minutes longer and some preparation, organisation and patience. The weather was also quite hot last week so baby got a little bit of a cold.  Here are some of the things we did!:

– first Christmas dinner out in the city with Alyssa and her godparents and family

– first time watching  movie (Pitch Perfect) at a Mums and Bubs session in the Director’s Suite at Hoyts (amazing!!)

– first trip to a friend’s house for lunch with all the kiddies!

– first lunch date at Switch, Watergardens for a reunion with some work mates

– first time meeting Father Noel after he came back home from his sabbatical

– first time taking Baby out to one of our late night walks to Coles

– Baby actually started liking being in his swing! 🙂

All these firsts continue to bring so much wonderment and joy to our lives however the lack of sleep is slowly catching up with me so hopefully I can get a little more rest so I’m not as irritable! Sorry hubby! x

My first LOL! :D

first laughHey!close up

OOTD: stripey vest, white singlet and soft denim-like shorts – all presents from Mummy & Daddy’s wonderful friends!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Ok, so Mummy sounds really stressed today because her & Daddy are talking about taking me to the doctor for my first immunisationvisit, whatever that means? Mummy sounds like she does not want to go to the appointment with Daddy and me but I really hope she comes! Whatever it is it can’t be that bad, can it? I’ll have to update you all later when I find out exactly what is going on! I also have some photos for you from Christmas Eve and Day! I’ll upload those later too!

Meanwhile today was the first time I… LOL’d!! – laughed out loud!!! Heheheh! Mummy and Daddy were SUPER excited!! I am glad I can make them happy and smiley because I have been crying a bit lately. It’s only because I have been so very tired from all the lunches and dinners we’ve been attending. I love going out though and meeting everyone so I will just have to get used to  it hey?! Ok we are running late for our appointment so I should go now! By the way do you like my outfit of the day? #ootd I do! It is super comfy! 🙂

– Baby D –

Backseat Selfies

Mummy selfiePooface Daniel with Santa

Last, last week mummy and daddy took me to get my first ever photo with Santa. Mummy seemed to be very happy with daddy’s workplace for organising free Santa photos for staff members and their children! Daddy seemed very proud too! I met daddy’s boss and she was really lovely and kind!

On the way to daddy’s work mummy and I got busy taking selfies while daddy made his way through the morning Westgate traffic. Mummy kept taking photos of me as she thought I was making some “Zoolander” face? I’ve never heard of such a thing as “Blue Steel” – I was merely doing my poo’s. Mummy seemed to love it though so I kept it up for her lol!! I thought she was making me rehearse for my photoshoot with Santa but when we got there it was just the normal front portrait shot – no posing or fancy lighting or action shots…so here you see they got me whilst yawning! 😀

I hope you are all having fun preparing for Christmas and enjoying spending time with your families! Go easy in the shopping centres when present shopping and don’t forget to watch out for the mummies with prams!! – if it gets too much of  hassle to shop with us babies then they might leave us at home! 😉

Baby D

Wednesday’s OOTD

OOTD 20 12 12ootd 201212Target onesie, Target baby shoes, thrifted mittens, Chicago Bulls baby cap – a present from grandma

Lately we have had a few catch ups with other baby friends and the weather has been quite hot! So baby lived in short sleeved onesies for the most part of the week 🙂 This onesie is size 00 which I thought would be way too big for baby but it seemed to fit ok even though he’s nowhere near the 3-6 month old mark! The cap is from the Philippines from grandma and it is nice and soft for baby’s head and he’s starting to fit it better now 🙂 So cute!

My weekend in pictures

FridayWestbournians 2012 funnyfriends

Everybody loves Fridays and last Friday was extra special as my high school friends and I got our kids all together for the first time! It was so beautiful to see that even after all these years and no matter how different and busy our lives are, our friendship remains strong ❤

Saturdayhealthy brekkieElephant bum

After such a fun Friday with all the kids, it was heart-wrenching to wake up to the news of what happened in Newtown… Saturday was a write-off. I held bubba all day.  Hubby was away for the whole weekend on a Bucks weekend. Daniel, my sister and I caught up on sleep! Being so close to Christmas it felt good to actually just slow down and reflect  instead of rushing around. I took a picture of my brekkie because hubby and I have been so addicted to it lately! – a bowlful of Special K, blueberries, banana topped with chia seeds. It is soooo tasty and a little inspired by Anna!

SundayMommy rocks bibIMG_0378PortmansChadstoneAffogatochillin with daddy

On Sunday Daniel wore his onesie shirt from Next that I posted in an earlier post…so cute!! He attended his first party – Aiyah’s christening 🙂 Then we picked up daddy from the east side and stopped by Chadstone whilst we were there to have a coffee and people-watch. It was nice to just sit and chill whilst everyone else rushed around! Daniel was enjoying it because lately he is much more aware of his surroundings and wants to know everything that’s going on around him! I found a really nice pair a pants from Portmans but because Daniel wanted to go home I didn’t get to buy them 😦 …so I bought them the next day from Highpoint! 😛

How did you spend your 2nd last weekend before Christmas?

Little me!

in the cloud“heyyy!…where did everybody go??!” – me looking tiny in mummy and daddy’s bed.

The “cloud”

Hi again!!! Mummy is trying to blog but she’s taking so long uploading pics from the weekend so I thought I’d jump on  to say happy Monday to you all! 🙂

Normally when I wake up I find myself in my bassinet but I woke up this morning and found myself in the big, big “cloud” (that’s what I hear mummy and daddy calling their bed – it really is huge but I don’t think it feels like a cloud? They must mean it feels really soft?! 😉 ). I sleep much better when I can feel that mummy and daddy are next to me!

Anyways I’m keeping it short and sweet today so have a great week everybody! – only 7 more sleeps until Christmas! 🙂 Skip the stress and the crowds this year – don’t worry about presents!! Just spend time with the people you love and give them a great big hug and lots of kisses, and smiles! Oh and milk!! Or in your case, food! – that’s all you need to make someone happy…

…it’s the simple things 😉

Baby D


My dragon & I

Me and my dragonMe and my dragon 🙂

It’s me again!

Just thought I would do a quick post on this auspicious date of 12.12.12! It was so hot today that mummy, daddy and I stayed indoors most of the day except for a quick trip to Nando’s for lunch. I do not eat solids yet so I just slept in my pram giving mummy and daddy the chance to share a meal together as if they were on a date! 🙂 I wish we went for a walk with Lando today but it was 33 degrees and the sun must have been very harsh. Maybe they will take us for a walk tomorrow.

Anyways speaking of auspicious, I keep hearing people talking about how good it is to be born in the year of the dragon which is this year. Today I started playing with my very own dragon which I received from one of mummy and daddy’s friends that visited us in the hospital. He is so cute (he takes after me I guess!?). I can’t wait for us to go on lots of adventures together…please say hi to Drake the dragon!

Night ya’ll!

Baby D