Melbourne Mondays – Di Bella Roasting Warehouse

Lunch with mum

Di Bella Roasting Warehouse in North Melbourne, lunching with my mum & sis, organic lemon lime bitters with a kick, the salad special with crispy pork & apple and the chicken mince salad, cute details, my mum!

A North Melbourne gem!

A short walk from Errol street and you will find this trendy warehouse-style eatery with patrons spilling out on to the footpath through the gaping roller door wall. After having a heavy and not so healthy Macca’s breakfast at the airport and sweating from the super hot weather, it was nice to sit down in the shade of this popular coffee joint. As it was super hot that day, I actually didn’t order their coffee opting for a big, juicy salad instead. I must visit again soon as it was a sin to not order the coffee at a place like this!

The service was easy-going and very friendly and we ordered the day’s special crispy pork salad and chicken mince Thai style salad. These dishes were perfect for a day that was super hot and dry. Paired with their organic lemon and lime bitters, the salads were very satisfying. I also felt comfortable having my pram at the table and our waitress kindly seated us in a pram-friendly area which was basically right at the front of the warehouse so we were able to people watch while we enoyed our lunch!

I’m glad we ventured away from Errol street to find yet another quality Melbourne eatery – definitely coming back to this place soon!

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Throwback Thursdays – A night with the Jabbawockeez

Jacqui on stage at Festival Hall MelbourneIMG_8070IMG_3589IMG_3597
IMG_8129Joe LarotIMG_8153IMG_8152IMG_8176IMG_8182IMG_8184
On centre stage at the Festival Hall in Melbourne 2009, group shot before the show, Rewind performing to warm up the crowd before the Jabbawockeez, group shot (both alchy and pic!) at Eve nightclub, chillin’, a messy end to an awesome night

The Jabbawockeez in Melbourne

Thought I’d post up a dance related entry for #tbt this week instead of a travel related one just to mix things up a little! 🙂 The legendary Jabbawockeez held a one night only show in Melbourne in September 2009. It was so amazing to see them create magic on stage interpreting music through dance. Rewind performed as a front act and after the show we partied it up at Eve night club. It’s so inspiring to see a crew still dancing together after all these years and keepin’ it fresh!

And while we’re on the topic of dance, Rewind is starting off 2013 with appearances this weekend at the Chinese New Year celebrations in Richmond and next month at the huge annual St Kilda Fest! Our Facebook page is linked on the right so click “like” to keep up to date 🙂

Travel Tuesdays – Chateau de Versailles

Entrance to VersaillesDetailed VersaillesVersailles roofVersailles Hall of MirrorsThe gardens of VersaillesContemporary art displayGetting chillyGardensGrand

Chateau de Versailles – I could just spend the whole day in its gardens. Hopefully next time we visit we get to see Marie Antionette’s headquarters as it was closed by the time we walked there!

The French definitely do not do things in halves. They spared no cost and space when they created this fairytale of a palace. Hubby and I were literally walking around with our mouths gaping open in awe of just how beautiful the palace and its gardens were. No camera or filters or lens’ can ever capture its beauty nor the feeling you get when you walk through the doors with wide tree-lined paths seducing you to take a walk in the 800hectres of meticulously manicured gardens.

We spent the whole day here and it was still not enough time to be able to soak in the sights and sounds (classical music played through hidden speakers as you walked past the main fountain area). I felt like I was supposed to be gliding through the gardens in a big hoop and gown instead of my not-so-royal boots! Marie Antoinette’s separate headquarters were a lon walk from the main palace and by the time we got there it was closed for the day.

Definitely a place that I want to visit again as one day was not enough for us to see everything. Next time we’ll bring a picnic and take some pretty outfits to match the beautiful setting 😉 This place is so rich in history as were the rest of the places we visited in Paris that I ended up buying a few books when we stopped by Shakespeare and Co later that week. I will upload that place in my next travel post!

Melbourne Mondays – Broadening my palette

Bopha Devi menuBopha Devi menu insideBopha Devi soup dishBopha Devi noodle dishStir fry type dishBopha Devi DSC00145Bopha Devi dessert

Bopha Devi’s dishes – I was caught up in conversation with my besties so sorry I can’t name the dishes for you in the above photos! The staff were very helpful though, so just ask them for their recommendations if you are not sure what dish to order!

Bopha Devi – Yarraville and Docklands 

The thing I love about Melbourne is no matter how long I have lived here I am always discovering new places that are perfect for catching up with friends. Bopha Devi is one of them. A cute little restaurant in Yarraville serving Cambodian cuisine. I have never tried Cambodian cuisine before and its light, fresh tasting dishes had me hooked in one spoonful! With much more understated flavours than other Asian cuisines that I’m used to, the Cambodian food at Bopha was very tasty and elegantly presented. For me the freshness reminded me of the fresh Vietnamese food I ate in Saigon last year and the flavours in the curry dish reminded me a little of Thai food but not as strong.

If you’re looking for a place to catch up with friends on a relaxed weeknight, the Yarraville institution is perfect! For more of a special celebration then I suggest Bopha Devi in the Docklands as it is a lot bigger and the interior a little fancier than its Yarraville sibling.

What is something new that you have tried lately?

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Fashion Fridays – Hey Mr DJ OOTD


Hi everybody! Happy Friday!

It has been a while since I took over mummy’s blog because I have been busy having lots of tummy time and laughs with mummy and daddy 🙂 There are so many new things that I am learning like how to support my neck and sit up with the help of mummy and daddy and also we have been reading lots of books. I do not really understand what those nursery rhymes mean but the pictures are interesting and mummy and daddy seem to find the rhymes amusing and they like to reminisce about their own childhood – hehehheh old people! 😛

The pics I’ve chosen today are of outfits where I am wearing an awesome t-shirt which was a present from one of mummy’s friends! I like it a lot as it’s grey colour is easy to match with my other clothes and it is super comfy! And of course it has headphones like the ones daddy uses when he goes out to dj. I heard mummy saying that the t-shirt is from Next. Mummy bought my red & grey striped hoodie from Charlie & Me and she has teamed it up with some red Bonds bottoms! The hoodie also has a dj theme – daddy must be proud when I wear these! I am his mini-me! 🙂

I hope you all have a happy Friday and fun weekend! Stay tuned for more ootd’s and if you have Instagram you can follow mummy on “jacqfruit” 🙂

– Baby D –

Baby’s first sounds!


Happy Friday everyone!!

I thought I’d change it up and post a video for you today because Baby has started to become so much more alert and interactive with us! He loves to have d&m’s with his daddy and the other day after going out for my birthday lunch, I captured this video of baby and I just chillin’ on the bed. I put captions in just for fun.
Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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My first Christmas & New Year celebrations!

Happy New Year everybody! I am taking over mummy’s blog today because she has been so busy lately that I noticed she has not posted anything here for you.I got a bit too excited about my first Christmas & New Year’s celebrations that there are a few more photos than usual! I am sure you all do not mind 🙂



my first acting gig lol!!IMG_9749IMG_9771 image (1)

my great grandma!!IMG_9797IMG_9810

Christmas was all about family 🙂 It was so nice to see that everywhere people were celebrating this special time of year with their mummy’s and daddy’s, brothers and sisters etc (Mummy thinks that I am not paying attention when she is on the laptop and thinks that I sit there just sucking my hand, but I am really checking out what she is looking at on these websites called Facebook and Twitter hehehe!).

This Christmas I was so lucky to meet and spend time with all my aunties and uncles and grandparents and great grandparents! I was also very lucky to receive so much love, cuddles, kisses and presents from everyone. I think mummy and daddy thoroughly enjoyed opening my presents this first Christmas.Everyone keeps saying Christmas is all about me now! Heheheh! I was trying to be a good boy for mummy and daddy by sleeping lots during Christmas eve so that they could eat and hang out with their cousins and aunties. But by the next day, Christmas day, I was quite tired and cried a little bit when we went to see Daddy’s side. It did not seem to matter because everyone still wanted to hold me and carry me and hug me 🙂 I feel so happy! 🙂


round fruits for New Year’s eve!IMG_0400IMG_0405

Mummy & Daddy took me outside to see the fireworks! – our first family pic of 2013

Mummy and Daddy spent NYE at home with me and all their friends came over to celebrate too! It was so noisy outside with the neighbours bringing in the new year and people setting off some huge firework things! I was excited too but by the time it was midnight it did not matter how loud the festivities got, I just went straight to sleep because I had had a big day that last day of 2012 (mummy and daddy were cleaning and shopping and doing lots of prep for the night time guests!).

drunknye greeting

Overall it was just the best holiday time ever! I got up to a few things: I got to play Baby Jesus during the kids Christmas mass, I was able to “party” with mummy and daddy during their new year’s celebrations, I did a massive poo explosion on Christmas day which is why you see me naked in one of the photos!

I hope all of you had a memorable Christmas and New Year’s with your families and friends! I sure did!! 🙂

Baby D