Sizzling Pepper Lunch!

IMG_0023 IMG_0017

Pepper Tokusen Rib eye before… IMG_0018

Pepper Rice Salmon before…IMG_0019 IMG_0021

Pepper Rice Salmon after! IMG_0022

Pepper Tokusen Rib Eye after!IMG_0016Yummy condiments πŸ™‚

Pepper Lunch – 311 Elizabeth st, Melbourne

Just discovered Pepper Lunch a couple of months ago after hearing rave reviews from friends. We visited on a Sunday night and it was pretty busy but we managed to score ourselves a table and the staff were very helpful in accommodating our pram.

When you arrive you place your order at the counter, take a number and grab a seat. They have many meat and salmon dishes for you to choose from and the rib eye is so tender and juicy! You can purchase your dishes in a meal with your choice of drink, fries, or soup and you can also add an all-you-can-eat extra from the veggie bar.

Mix up your plate’s contents to cook as you desire and then add the sauces – ginger or sweet! You’ll be hooked on your first visit! πŸ™‚

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