Hump day haul from UniHill

My November shopping haul – a UniHill sponsored feature
The Urban Ma UniHill FO

Hump day shopping haul!
UniHill Factory Outlets 2 Janefield Drive, Bundoora
Open 7 days 10am-6pm

With all the end of year parties and summer nights now in full swing Baby D and I took to UniHill Factory Outlets on the hunt for more bargains. Our last trip there saw Baby D shop up a storm (see post here) – we found so many heavily discounted pieces for babies and kids so this time ’round it was my turn!
I found the cutest corset-type tops at Guess and some discounted shorts and skirts at Factorie. I also shopped some off-the-shoulder tops at Cotton On (I love tees and jumpers that hang off the shoulder!) and overhauled my underwear drawer with 5 sexy little pieces for $10. I found a black, knitted beanie for $1 that fits me but looks so much cooler on Baby D that it now resides with his accessory collection. Check out the above pics to see how I’ll be working these bargains from UniHill in with my current favourites!
From top left:
For a lunch date or catch up with the girlfriends:
Soft corset-style top from Guess, a pair of Jellies from Lipstick, and a flower hair piece and skirt from Factorie
Dance rehearsals or crew meetings: Black top from Cotton On, tassled boots from Sportsgirl, leopard pants from TopShop and a black beanie from Factorie
For a festival or concert: soft, seamless cami from Guess, tassled boots from Sportsgirl, studded shorts from Factorie and I can’t remember where I bought this feather headpiece as it was a few years ago now
Beach wear/casual wear: red crop top from Cotton On Body, white top from Cotton On, soft denim shorts from Factorie and a pair of jellies from Lipstick

And as promised from my shopping haul post last month, here is a pic of how Baby D styled some his UniHill buys into his current wardrobe items!

Knitted beanie from Fred Bare, cardigan from Beau Hudson, “Talk to my Agent” tee and bottoms from Cotton On Kids UniHill and Dunlop Volleys from Target.

Saturday Styling – Father & Son

The Urban Ma DJ AtomikThe URban Ma Dj Atomik

Saturday Styling

Totally different to last week’s Saturday Styling post, this week Baby D dressed it up a little for a special occasion. With our little baby turning one recently, he was so blessed to be surrounded by such loving and amazing family and friends who have showered him with an abundance of cuddles, kisses and love over the past 12 months. Baby D also received such cute clothes from his birthday party and today he wore this combo to his aunty and uncle’s baby shower! I absolutely love the pattern of Baby D’s shirt! – so retro and such a good fit!

– shirt, bow tie, and shorts by Katrina Pia
– cream shoes by Soda 

Daddy’s outfit details and latest shopping haul coming up this week!

Daddy and daniel
Baby shower Medilotriple daddy blog

Saturday Styling – Baby remix

Styling Daniel

Saturday Styling

After spending the whole day home vacuuming, mopping, dusting and doing the laundry, we headed out with Daddy to his photo shoot for a change of scenery. Baby D decided to get in on the action by wearing some of his birthday gifts he received for his big first birthday celebration last weekend! Love everything from the warm quilted jacket, to the detailed turntable tee to the uber cool Jordans (thank you godparents!). Thanks to Melbourne’s moody weather we get to rock some of Baby’s new threads and this warm combo took us from the cozy studio setting to the crisp air at Yarraville Gardens where we had Dude Food van’s burgers for the first time. For more pics check out my Instagram and Facebook pages!

– Puffy Jacket Hoodie by Mango Kids
– Kicks – Jordan Flight
– Turntable Tee by Fresh Baked Kids
– D Marco Skinny leg jeans by Cotton On Kids

IMG_1275 IMG_1276
DJ Atomik with Baby D The Urban Ma blog
Baby D watched daddy, DJ Atomik werk the camera 🙂
IMG_1270Enjoying his new ootd
Styling Daniel 3

The night before…

Work 1. noun. activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result.
2. verb. be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a result.

As I wash and dry the dishes and try to tidy up a little, there are a few extra things I am preparing before going upstairs to bed. It is the night before I return to work. This phrase “return to work” sounds misleading because for the past 13 months even though I am not in a corporate environment or in an office, I have been working my butt off with a different type of reward – love.

With the date slowly creeping up on me over the past few weeks I have been feeling nervous, sad, excited, guilty and anxious. Motherhood, including all the sleeplessness nights and crying it brings, has been one of the most wonderful and fulfilling experiences and leaving Baby D makes feel sad that I’ll miss out on the little things he’ll learn while I’m not there. I’ll miss morning and afternoon cuddles, and seeing him wake up with a huge grin on his face. I’ll miss messy breakfast time and getting annoyed that there’s food all over the floor and in my hair. I’ll miss the excited expression he has when we go for a walk to see the ducks and how he eats the bread but pretends he’s throwing it to feed them. I’ll miss watching him during his daytime naps wondering what he’s dreaming about.

Having said all that, I also feel extremely blessed. I have a loving family helping to take care of Baby D and a job share arrangement which means I won’t be away from him for a whole week. I have a lot of friends who have returned to work  – some full time, some part time and some work full time at home bringing up our future prime ministers, doctors, artists, athletes and entrepreneurs! Everyone’s situation is different and we try to do what is best and what we can for our families and somehow I have seen it all work out in the end. The first few weeks or months may be a little tricky but I guess that’s just the transition phase.

Here are some tips I thought I’d try out as I transition into back in to work:

1) Wherever I am, I will be all there – be present in whatever I am doing
2) Don’t be afraid to ask for help
3) Remember the reason I am returning to work – my motivation, my goals
4) Have a plan but also be flexible
5) Be realistic – is there such a thing as perfect work/life balance? We’ll soon find out.
6) Drink lots of water and breathe
7) Everything is going to ok 🙂

How did you transition back into the workforce after mat leave? Leave your tips in the comments below.


It seemed like just yesterday we found out we were going to be a family of three! It seemed just like yesterday that I was waddling around with a big, round belly.

cf8e8930b9d9cd565fce42a22dce9ac5 IMG_8977

It seemed like just yesterday we met our beautiful little baby – half me and half hubby. Taking him home and getting to know him over the past year has been the best gift we could have ever received.