Work lunch #7 Waffee waffles and coffee


Waffee Waffles and Coffee
Emporium LG-32, 287 Lonsdale st, Melbourne

An impromptu trip into the city with grandma, Mr 2 came into the CBD for the day and I met him and the family for a quick lunch at Emporium.

It was short and sweet consisting of an amazing mocha and waffle concoction from Waffee found on the lower ground floor.

Nicely presented. Attentive staff. Clean, bright interior. Well made waffles.

I didn’t get much time to look at the menu as I rushed to head back to the other end of the city but it seems that Waffee offers a variety of flavours which you can order and take away in a Waffee box.

The delicious smell of freshly made waffles will hook you in.

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Work lunch #6 – Duck crepes at Choix

Choix Creperie – 620 Collins st, Melbourne

Soft, smooth crepes filled with an array of sweet and savoury choices.

With a few friends working down at this end of Collins street the recommendations on places to eat are endless! We are spoilt for choice with morning coffee and lunch time haunts and this time Mon took us to Choix.

Not very far at all from Southern Cross station and down a little laneway studded with cafes, we were lucky to grab a table inside this cozy little eatery.

I ordered the duck crepe as Mon had been talking it up and it was perfect! It was served with smiles and was generously filled with soft, well cooked duck. I had a taste of the meatball crepe and it too tasted so good with an unexpected dollop of creamy mayo that went really well with the sauce.

Another place to add to my list of places to return to as I want to try the sweet menu items!

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My favourite place is..

2015/02/img_0258.pngTotally true right?

Especially from little toddlers! – I LOVE coming home to hugs from Mr 2!

This Valentine’s Day give out hugs like they don’t cost a thing because without saying a word they can be one of the most powerful ways to bring us all closer together. A simple gesture that can make you instantly feel better. A nice, big, tight hug. Best!


Work lunch #5 Every Friday smoke comes wafting out from the Rialto forecourt

2015/02/img_0243-0.png Merchant BBQ – Rialto forecourt Collins st, Melbourne

Thanks to a focus on mindfulness and wellbeing at work, a few of us decided to get out and about to enjoy the bright weather and each other’s company. When a work mate suggested we go out for a team lunch across the road for a BBQ I thought, where? Turns out every Friday right in the forecourt of the Rialto tower Merchant gets the barbie going.


A friendly crowd waited in the line that moved quite quickly and I ended up chatting to some others on their lunch break who told me that they’ve been coming here Friday for their lunch (they work just right above!).

I ordered the charcoal spit roast lamb with a generous serve of condiments and it was saucy and filling.

We’ll definitely be back again as I’ve heard the chicken spit is a must from their menu! If you’re not into spit roast, you also have sizzling sausages as an option for lunch. A Virgin Mary refreshment accompanied my meal as they were promoting the upcoming tomato festival…seems like Melbourne has an abundance of festivals at the moment.

Fridays until sold out, get to the Rialto early and enjoy a relaxed casual atmosphere with meaty goodness.

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