Lippy, heels and my mamma friends

IMG_5535Ms Collins, 425 Collins st, Melbourne

Saw a post on Instagram last week which got me thinking… Once upon a time we went out on a Thursday (to Odeon), a Friday (to Next Blue), a Saturday (to Zos) and a Sunday (to Mercury Lounge). 4 nights in a row, I don’t know how we did it. These days with full time work, a 2 two year old, extra curricular activities and a house to make feel like a home, it take me 2 weeks to recover from even just one night out let alone a couple in a row!

But once in a while we just want to throw on those heels, a pretty dress and take to that dance floor with drinks and girlfriends in hand.

The scene has changed quite a lot with higher entry (I remember paying $8 plus a free drink card at some clubs), a change in music (from sexy rnb tunes to EDM), and a toilet full of girls wriggling around taking 120 selfie pics before they’re satisfied with one that they filter, edit and crop before posting online. The below Instagram post had me giggling thinking about all the gossip and friendly ladies in the bathroom happily chatting to each other acting like they’re best friends, even though they know nothing about each other except their expensive taste in designer handbags. No camera phones to distract from the babbling about boyfriends, jealous rants or the excited feelings of being bought a free drink from a cute stranger. Ahhh I wonder what they’re all up to now! 🙂


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