Bump Diary #14 – 32 week update

 How far along are you? 32 weeks and 5 days (this post was scheduled to go out this past Monday!!)

How big is baby? This week Baby weighs as much as a coconut. On average around 41.1cms long and weighing just over 1.5kg and heading into a growth spurt, beginning to plump up with essential fat that is accumulating underneath its skin.
Body and changes:
Weight gain I’m sure I’ve gained heaps of weight again this week feeling a little more uncomfortable with my walk definitely turning into a waddle these days.
Stretch marks Those little faint lines I first started seeing last week are definitely stretch marks. I saw them a lot more prominent in the mirror yesterday morning and when I realised that they were stretch marks I immediately felt surprised as I thought that since I didn’t really get many in my first pregnancy, it would be the same with this second one. Wrong! After a few minutes, I got used to the fact that they’re normal and are only a sign that a human life is growing within me and I have accepted that it’s all part of the journey of motherhood.
Sleep I’ve been finding it really uncomfortable to sleep these days and need pillows around me to help me get into a comfortable position. Mr D has also been having a few nightmares this week for some reason…and he’s been waking up a few times in the middle of the night crying :(
Maternity clothes I bought a black top and some leopard print pants from Target the other day and they’re so comfy even though they’re not specifically maternity wear! I’ve been pairing them with a black blazer to dress them up a little for work :)

The Other Stuff:

Reflux is still hanging around this week. I’ve been getting Mr D to learn how to put his shoes on by himself this week so as to help me out since I can’t bend over that low these days. My tummy has also been feeling a lot heavier this week and it feels like it’s really weighing down into my pelvis and I can feel pressure down there. Baby is moving so much this week especially when we went for a dip in the pool yesterday!

32 weeks pregnant The Urban Ma

Eating lots of cucumber, tomato and cheddar cheese at work lately
Feeling really out of breath again this week and less mobile – I took the elevator to go down two floors today when normally I take the stairs! Tsk, tsk, tsk!
Needing to get as much as rest as possible as I’ve found I feel super tired if I’m at it all day
Wanting to declutter the desktop on my laptop and sort through all the videos and photos on there
Watching music videos while hanging out at our hotel this week up in the Gold Coast
Bookmarking podcasts and videos to listen to and watch
Noticing how friendly people are on the planes to Mr D :)
Enjoying seeing just how much Mr D has loved flying and travelling with us over the past few weeks. It’s so exciting to see how enchanted he is by everything he sees and everyone he meets. This past week he got to spend some quality time with Daddy, his uncle and his cousin. Even though the two toddlers loved annoying each other, they had a great time!

Simple green smoothie The Urban Ma
My first time making a smoothie and I twisted the wrong thing out of the blender! I managed to save enough for one serving!

week 32 collage

Enjoying the simple things like a delivery of non-alcoholic drinks from Maggie Beer, a strawberry and Golden Gaytime flavored cupcakes and picnics in the park across the road with Mr D.

gratefuldaniel #11

Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?

Daniel: Thanks to God for Mummy’s arms and for Mummy and Daddy working so we can go on the plane again. LOL!

Have you been continuing to practice gratitude in the past week? What have you been grateful for?

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