Made in Melbourne May edit!

Made in Melbourne edit samples

L’ASCARI soy candles, Skin Naturale’s new range of all natural hand and body cream in Coconut Bliss, The Kandle Club candles in Baby Powder, Chanel No. 5 and Gardenia, Skin Naturale’s sample pots: Vanilla Chai, Mediterranean Dream and Coconut Bliss.

Because I missed out on a couple of blog posts last week due to a house full of sick boys and moving back home from a 5 week stint in the heart of Melbourne, I thought I’d do a special post for you all – Made in Melbourne! It’s also a double-post Monday so keep an eye out for a second post from Yours Truly today. Happy Monday everyone! ❤

Made in Melbourne May edit!

Having recently spent some time (5 weeks) in our beautiful city I’ve been fortunate enough to find some amazing products handmade right here in Melbourne. With our fresh new floors looking polished but smelling of varnish fumes, I have been happily putting my recently acquired candles to good use – L’Ascari and The Kandle Club! With the winter weather settling in I have also been loving the all natural, all organic and vegan Skin Naturale brand and their new brand spanking new range of hand and body creams! So here is my Made in Melbourne May edit:


L’ASCARI Artisan Soy Candles & Lifestyle Products

I first saw these candles at a boutique on Little Bourke street called Wilkins & Kent – they sell furniture and homewares. I was immediately drawn to the unique packaging and design, and fell in love with the frangipani scent – such a beautiful and delicate fragrance.  These artisan soy candles are hand-made by Melbourne based couple Luca Chiaravalle and Belinda Chiaravalle containing pure soy wax containing no petroleum, toxic materials, herbicides or pesticides. Each candle displays a photo of their Italian hometown – such a nostalgic touch! L’ASCARI candles can be purchased from a few stockists so be sure to check their website for more information. They also have some cool looking “ManCandles” and I think I’m going to have to purchase the Espresso one for my better half…and another frangipani candle…and also the French pear room diffuser! Mmmmm bliss!


Skin Naturale – Natural and Organic Skincare Company

Website. Facebook. Twitter

Recently I was fortunate enough to meet the creator and founder of Skin Naturale, Lynn Ross, and scored myself some sample pots of their latest skin care range. I loved the smell so much I immediately had to have the Coconut Oil bottle! What I really love about Skin Naturale’s products is that they are made with all natural ingredients that have been tried and tested…not on animals! As I have such sensitive skin it is hard for me to find deliciously scented moisturizers that don’t cause my skin to break out or become irritated and having used the Coconut Oil moisturizer for around 3 weeks now, my skin is feeling so soft and smooth. Finally a locally made, natural moisturizer that leaves me feeling and smelling so amazingly good! Next up on my shopping list…Vanilla Chai! Upon placing my next order I asked Skin Naturale a few questions to get to know their brand:

Tell me about Skin Naturale and what makes this brand so different?

Skin Naturale has two different brands – Earth&Body which is now on the market and BrownSkinSecrets which will be released shortly.

The Earth&Body range includes hand and body creams that is nothing like anything on the market. It is made from fruit, nut and vegetable extracts (natural and organically derived ingredients) suitable for the most sensitive of skin.  We not only wanted to create a ‘well being’ product free from harsh chemicals, mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, polyethylene glycol (PEG’s), artificial colours and fragrances; but also wanted to provide people with an experience – In a café?  Vanilla Chai; On the beach? Coconut Bliss or Sailing the Mediterranean? Mediterranean Dream – take your pick!!

So this skincare range is packed full of the best ingredients for our skin?

Yes definitely! With years of research into natural ingredients and working with a cosmetic chemist I wanted to apply the natural secrets of what I discovered into a creating something for the hand and body that was made from the purest form of ingredients. The creams are high in anti oxidants, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and is easily absorbed into the skin to soothe, nourish, protect and improve skin tone and texture.

Sounds like such great quality products! Where can we buy your skincare range?

We are so excited that the range has also been effective on babies and people with eczema; and that our products have been embraced by our customers in a short period of time, which we are very grateful for. 

Skin Naturale products are available for purchase online at our website and are also available at ‘Nature Finds You’ Beauty Salon at no. 2 Queens St, Melbourne, Australia.  We are also in current negotiations with stockists to make our products more readily available for our customers.

Check out Skin Naturale’s Facebook page here for updates on their latest products, research and skincare info.

Kandle clubIMG_9820

 The Kandle Club – Natural Soy Wax candles


Thanks to your votes I won these cute candles from a Mother’s Day Facebook competition and my mum loved them! She loves the Chanel No. 5 perfume so when the lovely Karen informed me that I could pick two scents I chose Chanel No. 5 and Gardenia. They came in the mail via express post right on time for Mother’s Day with a special little extra – a set of tealight candles in the scent ‘Baby Powder’! Thank you Kandle Club for brightening up my first Mother’s Day and mum’s first Grandmother’s Day with your Melbourne made goodies!  If you would like to purchase some pretty little jars of natural soy wax candles then head to the Kandle Club’s Facebook page here!

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What are some of your favorite made in Melbourne finds?

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Christmas DIY – Personalized Stockings!


DIY materialsStockingsFinished DIY stockings

felt letter cut-outs, craft scissors, different coloured felt, stockings from the Reject Shop and Spotlight, photo ledge from Ikea, the finished product!

I have always wanted to hang a row of stockings in my house but never had a fireplace or mantelpiece to do so. So this year hubby got his handyman on and put up some photo shelves that we can use to display all sorts of things including our personalized Christmas stockings!

Easy DIY Personalized Christmas Stockings 

You will need:

– a pair of quality craft scissors

– a pen or chalk

– double-sided tape

– plain Christmas stockings (from the Reject Shop or Spotlight)

– felt in the colour of your choice

Step 1: Draw the outline of the letters on the felt with a pen or dressmaking chalk

Step 2: Use your scissors to cut out the letters

Step 3: Stick the double sided sticky tape onto the back of your felt letters. Then peel of the other side of the tape and attach them to the ready-made stockings. (I bought 3 stockings from Spotlight and cut the pom-pom’s off them so that I could use the green space for our names. I bought the last stocking from the Reject shop for our dog’s stocking. It was very plain so I also cut paw prints out of felt – I think I made them a bit too big because they look like bear paws instead of a puppy’s paws! LOL!!).

And that’s it! Easy DIY Christmas stockings!

I wanted to personalize them even further by decorating the stockings with more shapes for example a treble clef sign on my stocking, a pair of headphones for hubby’s and a little car for baby’s! But for now our names will have to do as the days seem to get busier and busier.

They are so colourful and I like how they brighten up our lounge room!

What other Christmas decorations do you like to put up around the house?

2 week post partum update – my top 10!

**Ok this post is 3 weeks late but better late than never! I wrote this 3 weeks ago and forgot to publish it! Arrgghh!**

My Top 10 Essentials – 2 week at home post partum!

After spending 4 nights at the hospital where everything was so well prepared and planned out to keep bub and I as  comfortable as possible, below are the top 10 essentials that I would recommend to make the transition from hospital to home a smooth & comfy one.

1) Childcare Montana Change Centre from Baby Time 2) Baby K moses basket from Mothercare 5) Canon 600D DSLR 7) What to Expect When You’re Expecting – borrowed from a friend, Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall – bought it from Big W, Baby Love by Robin Barker, The Australian Pregnant Book by Dr Derrick Thompson

1) Change table/bath

 Originally not thinking that a change table was something we needed to buy, after one day being at home without one, hubby and I realised we were so wrong! The Childcare Montana Change Centre is a lifesaver! With our beautiful newborn needing a nappy change more than 6 times a day this change table has proved to be more useful than we gave it credit for! It also has a pull out bath for us to bathe and change baby with ease 🙂 No more bending over the couch or bed and laying out a change mat, this all-in-one change table is a must! P.S Thank you to MIL – bought it from Baby Time on Old Geelong Road.

2) Moses basket

Along with a car seat and pram, a moses basket was the only other thing we put on lay by from the baby store. I know there a many different sleeping arrangements that parents choose to adopt with their new baby. With the moses basket and its separate stand, we have been able to move from our day time area in the downstairs living room, to our upstairs night time area with our baby next to our bed! Baby will quickly grow out of this but I still think it’s great to have for the first few weeks/months! Plus, I think the colours on it make the place look so cute!!

3) Water Bottle

Looking after a newborn makes you thirsty. Instead of having to get up to get a glass of water having a good sized water bottle next to you at all times helps you get comfortable, especially when breastfeeding (I always get thirsty when baby is feeding!).

4) Snacks 

For both myself and the constant show of excited visitors, I have found that having some snacks ready to go within easy reach is so handy! Anything from shortbread, to nuts, to chocolate always satisfies the nibbles.

5) Camera

A camera – A MUST HAVE!!! We have captured so many once-in-a-lifetime moments with the DSLR we purchased a few months before my EDD. We have been able to keep long distance relatives and friends up to date and have also been able to capture a the start of baby’s many “firsts”!

6) Laptop/TV

I have my laptop, tv remote and phone set up within close reach. This keeps me in touch with the outside world during the first few weeks of being at home (mum wants me to stay home in the first few weeks in order to become well-rested and healed).

7) Baby Books

I have been lucky to have many friends and family share their advice and experience when it comes to all things baby, from pregnancy to parenting so I bought a few baby books that they recommended. In our flurry of nesting (yes, even hubby got the nesting urge!) we bought a wall shelf from Ikea to house these books and some home decor. These books I’ve been reading have been so helpful with tips on breastfeeding, sleeping and general baby care.

8) Swivel Snuggle chair

With lack of sleep hitting me within the first few days of motherhood, this snuggle chair is super comfy and big enough for hubby and I to snuggle in when we don’t have the strength to climb upstairs to bed!

And the most important essentials…

9) & 10) Family & Husband

If your family live far away then make sure you have your friends around and don’t be shy to ask for help. Bringing up a tiny human life is not always straightforward or easy and having to look after a newborn PLUS yourself while you recover from your labour is made more enjoyable with family around. I am so very grateful to be blessed with such a loving family and such a patient and adoring husband. They have made the first few weeks of motherhood so special and I can never thank them enough. It’s the little things but big things that they do around the house that I am so thankful for! – washing clothes & dishes, vacuuming/mopping and general household cleaning, changing nappies, giving baby a bath, cooking dinners/preparing lunches, grocery shopping, watering the plants and feeding/walking the dog etc.

What did you find most helpful in your first few weeks at home?

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