Hot with fever

The Urban Ma toddler has fever

Sleepless nights. Hot flushes. Sporadic cries and doctors.
You know something’s wrong when the little one doesn’t want to play with his cars. A fever on-and-off for a couple of days now. Even though it’s been hard and so tiring, one thing I have been loving is the non-stop cuddles and hugs heΒ has been needing. Closeness. His head on my shoulder feels so comforting and he falls in and out of sleep as we just sit on the couch watching movie after movie.

Nurofen for Kids
plenty of water
a damp face washer to place on his neck and forehead
an electronic thermometer

What are your essentials for when your little one is sick? How do you bring the fever down?
The above list is for him. The below list is for me:

plenty of water
eye masks (for those hot, sleep-deprived eyes)
a hard drive with a bunch of movies to watch while the little one wants to be carried and held.

After over a year or so of not having time to watch movies, I think I’ve made up for it over the past few days viewing The Wolf on Wall Street, American Hustler, Morning Glory, Enough Said, Think Like A Man Too, Hunger Games – Catching Fire and Her (has anyone seen this one? What did you think?).

Get well soon baby.