Wellbeing Wednesday – Mind over body

    Today I will thank my body rather than criticize it. I saw this quote the other day and with a few more stretch marks popping up on my tummy lately, I’m really needing to remember to thank my body for all the amazing things it is going through right now rather than feel turned off by it’s changing size and appearance.

What are some things you do to overcome negative body thoughts and turn them into body love?

Wellbeing Wednesday – Body love

  Just a few quotes I’m feeling today for #wellbeingwednesday 🙂

It’s always so hard for us what with all the media images of “perfect” “ideal” bodies to feel comfortable in our own skin and embrace what we have.

I’ve had eczema since I was a baby and it was always so conscious about it and it wasn’t until I started dancing with Rewind Dance Crew that I started feeling more comfortable in my own skin.

Now pregnant the second time around I keep thinking how is my body (particularly my tummy and thighs) going to look after Baby arrives? Will it be soft and squishy again? How will I get back to feeling ok with it? But I’m not going to let those thoughts take over. I won’t have the time or the energy for that! I will just enjoy the time I have watching these little ones grow up whilst enjoying some of the things I’ve missed the past few months like dance classes!! Can’t wait to get back into it!! I will also try to eat a lot more veggies!

How do you work on your wellbeing when the body love is not happening!? Why are we so hard on ourselves!?

Mummy Mondays – Embrace


Mummy Mondays – Embrace

A big congratulations to Taryn Brumfitt on reaching her Kickstarter stretch goal and gaining the funding to create a feature length documentary that will unite women across the globe to love their bodies.

I first met Taryn at a bloggers brunch when she amazed us all with her storytelling as she spoke of the Body Image Movement. With children as young as 7 years old wanting to go on diets or work out at the gym in order to get that “thigh gap” (what the?!), and both teenage girls and grown women alike hating on the very body that allows them to do so much, Taryn got us thinking. Thinking as to how we can embrace our bodies more and be more positive with how we view ourselves. See her video here.

After hearing Taryn speak, I realised that sometimes I am a bit too hard on myself…no I don’t look like those tall, gorgeous models on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk but I shouldn’t be so harsh on my body…after all it housed a little baby for 9 months and fed him for another 13 more. It’s not always easy but we really should try to not compare ourselves with all those photoshopped, edited, wrinkle-free stars in the magazines. Easier said than done, I know.

Every body is different and every body is beautiful, we’re not meant to all look exactly alike…now we just have to try to remember that 🙂

The Urban Ma with Taryn Brumfitt

Crushing on Gok


Target Style Ambassador Gok Wan at The Point Albert Park
Aquatic Drive, Albert Park Lake

The first week of spring in Melbourne is here and I started it off by having a drink or two at a The Point situated on the iconic Albert Park lake. With the sun shining and sailboats gliding across the water I was thrilled to be spending the afternoon with fellow bloggers and Target’s bold and beautiful style ambassador Gok Wan.

Gok has had a highly successful series of tv shows, a fabulous cookbook and many other achievements including filming documentaries like “Too Fat, Too Young” to increase awareness of a range of issues in our society. It’s so great to see Target teaming up with such a positive and vibrant personality.

Target on trend

During the event we were taken through the new lines for Target’s Hot Options, Free Fusion and MAXX by Target’s buyers and designers. You’d be pleased to hear that within the coming months whilst still providing awesome bargains and great quality pieces, Target will be focusing on providing us with more fashion driven, on-trend pieces straight from the catwalk. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. This iconic, Australian department store will truly be the place where everyone person who walks in will walk away with a must-have!

Gok’s Top 5 Must-Haves

Speaking of must-haves, Gok described his top 5 as:

1) straight leg indigo jeans with a slight lean to western
2) a classic twill, good quality white shirt
3) a good pair of flats
4) a disconnected, deconstructed type blazer that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion and,
5) a good pair of 7/8’s i.e. between a capri and cigarette type bottom

I loved how Gok put so much detail and description into every topic he spoke about. This guy knows his stuff. Having achieved so much and being so good at what he does, I think for many, Gok is most well-known as the person that allows people to see their body in a more positive light, helping build their confidence in their self image. What a perfect ambassador for Target! I am so thrilled I had the chance to spend the afternoon with him. Next blog post will be my shopping haul so stay tuned! Meanwhile below are some of my picks from Target’s online store based on Gok’s must-haves – can you tell that I love black and white?

My monochromatic faves!

target collage

Straight leg dark indigo jeans – here, White peplum shirt – here, White flats – here, Lattice Black blazer – here, Straight leg crop pants – here

target menuIMG_4258[1]IMG_4249[1] IMG_4267[1] IMG_4269[1] IMG_4268[1]The Urban Ma The PointThank you to all the lovely organisers at Target and The Point for such a wonderful afternoon and also to Velvet Lily Florist for such a gorgeous dessert table!