Cafes and donuts in Gisborne

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The Oval Cafe – 30 Aitken st, Gisborne

With the sun finally shining after a few days of nonstop rain, we went for a drive to the town of Gisborne. When I first visited this pretty, little town I was expecting to find chunky homemade pies and friendly country residents however even after over 6 years of lunching in Gisborne I am yet to find that pie. Instead there are a handful of cafes serving what tastes like frozen or ready-made cakes, pies and savoury meals.

This week I ate at the Oval Cafe while catching up with a friend. A young, friendly waitress greeted us at the door and seated us at a table whilst another saw that we had a baby and quickly got us a highchair 🙂 I wasn’t expecting much of the food or the service but was pleasantly surprised when we didn’t have to wait too long for our cappuccinos to come out and the chicken and lamb kebabs we ordered tasted fresh and juicy – juicier than the kebabs in the Brimbank Central food court anyways. The fries were warm but not hot and I left wishing I got the wedges instead. There weren’t to many patrons in the cafe and it didn’t have the warm, small town hospitality that I’d expect, perhaps because it’s not so much a small town these days.

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Giz Donuts – Gisborne Village Shopping Centre, 22 Brantone st, Gisborne

Ok now this place I can definitely recommend you visit! Gisborne’s answer to Footscray’s jam donuts! A humble little shop in the village shopping centre, Giz Donuts serve made to order cinnamon donuts and they are so good you’ll want to drive out here just to get your fingers on them! Soft but also slightly crunchy and served hot, straight from the fryer, I suggest you order at least 6 of these sugar and cinnamon donuts. Two for now, two for later, and another two for a midnight snack with a glass of milk.. YUMMMMM!! Very friendly and efficient service. Make sure you check out Giz Donuts if you’re ever in town or even if you’re driving up the Calder Freeway, take a detour into Gisborne and grab yourself some cinnamon goodness 🙂

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Can you recommend any good places to try in Gisborne? I’d love to hear any tips!


Candied Bakery

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Candied Bakery, 81A Hudsons Road, Spotswood

After having lunch in Yarraville at a couple of food trucks, the family and I headed over the freeway to Spotswood to Candied Bakery as I was craving an almond croissant (as announced on my Twitter feed!). With baby having done some big business and needing a change in the car, I left the better half to fix it up and I hurried in to Candied before it closed.

Unfortunately there were no almond croissants left – all the more excuse to check this place out again! I ordered a flat white and a Nutella croissant and the chocolatey sweetness hit the spot nicely. The coffee went down a treat with my pastry and hopefully next time we visit this uber cool bakery it won’t be as rushed and we’ll get to sit down and enjoy the open space and aroma.

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The Substation Artists’ Market

The Substation

The Substation Artists’ Market, 1 Market Street, Newport, VIC

10am-3pm First Sunday of Every Month

Last Sunday we decided to visit the artists’ market at the Substation for the first time. I hadn’t really taken much notice of this red brick, neo-Classical building except for when we drive past it on the way to Williamstown beach. It has been beautifully restored into a contemporary, community based arts centre and boasts many cultural events and exhibitions. Such a great venue with performance space and galleries for hire.

It wasn’t too busy when we visited last week so it was great to get to talk to the artists about their work. There were some cute little baby blankets and jewelry and I loved the framed photographic pieces by Nick Psomiadis. There was also soft music provided by an acoustic singer and coffee and mulled red wine greeted us at the door. A great kid-friendly way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

To keep up to date with what’s happening in June at the Substation or apply for a stall at their Sunday market, visit their Facebook page here!


A cheeky day in South Melbourne

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Cheeky Cinos (photo from, pumpkin soup, catchup, exterior of Cheeky Cinos, lovely wares at the South Melbourne market.

Cheeky Cinos, happy mums!

What a beautiful Friday to end the week! Sunny, crisp and perfect for a stroll down the streets of South Melbourne and my first ever visit to the cafe that mums rave about, Cheeky Cinos on Cecil street. This is a parent’s haven where you can actually enjoy eating with both hands, have a straight-forward conversation with your friend, and sit still not having to push a pram back and forth in an effort to lengthen your baby’s nap time while you hurriedly scoff down your food before he wakes up (sound familiar?!)

It was 12.30pm and the place was roaring with busyness! I ordered a coffee and biscotti and it came out in what looked like a soup mug – nice and huge! 🙂 There were prams neatly parked in a row and plenty of highchairs if needed. The play area was amazing! Even as an adult I wanted to climb in there and explore in bare feet!

Although Baby D attends many play dates and Mother’s group outings, I have never yet left him completely on his own so being a little apprehensive we tested out the waters. The state-of-the-art developmental play area was so welcoming and Daniel made himself quite at home rather quickly though he did keep turning around to see if I was still there. After a few minutes I decided that he would be ok on his own so I bought him 15mins of surpervised play time ($5). He totally LOVED it! He watched all the other kids wobbling around and he happily tummy crawled his way around the padded maze of learning equipment. I was so excited to see him all independent and happily playing without me but also a little sad that he is growing up so quickly. No wonder everyone tells me to enjoy every moment – they really do grow up fast!

We must definitely visit Cheeky Cinos again so daddy can see Baby D in action and also to visit South Melbourne market again as there are so many pretty things to look at and lots of inspiration for home decorating. We ended this fabulous Friday in South Melbourne visiting a few more boutiques and pop-up shops in the area and filled our tummies with Wat Da Pho goodness! It was so good that I didn’t get the chance to take photos of what we ordered so more of an excuse to go back again next time!

In the evening we enjoyed some quiet time for reflection and to give thanks for all our blessings at St Francis.

What did you get up to last Friday?

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Life Lately #3 – Simple Living

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Fed Square – Melbourne’s meeting place, Parent’s retreat at Melbourne Central – I always look out for these now! It’s such a relief as soon as you enter one of these lol!, Melbourne’s street art, a day at the Melbourne Zoo, Spring st, lunch catchup at Oriental Spoon, the Little Library where borrowing books works on honesty, The Catholic Guy (TCG) event, Chinatown architecture, pretty boutique,  Laurent (I LOVE the almond croissants from this place!), the view of our apartment, Melbourne Central, Collins st buildings, Plantation choc and caramel tart (YUM!!), cafe life – Brother Bada Budan

Melbourne Moments

Still playing tourist as our floorboards are repaired. I’m going to miss living in the city where all I have to do is catch the lift downstairs  and walk out to meet the myriad of cafes and eateries that await me. Even though I have lived here all my life, over the past month and a half I have seen new things everyday that I had never noticed before. It pays to look up at the beautiful buildings and it pays to look sideways into the many lane ways that service Melbourne’s businesses for you never know what Melbourne secrets you just might discover.

During the past couple of weeks I also attended 4 out of the 5 event nights that TCG ran at our local church. It was an amazing event and Bruce was such an engaging speaker making well known readings and stories more relevant to our everyday lives. It was an inspiring set of talks that encouraged us to live well and go for our dreams all whilst putting God in the centre of our lives.  I bought a few books after the talks and below is an extract that I found in one of the books called “The Power of Simple Living”.

What would be the best gift we could give our children?

I think it would be the strength to live

simpler lives: the ability to find the greatest

joy in God’s small quiet gifts rather than in

prestige and money. What good does all our

busyness do, if our children do not know how to

All Postsappreciate a sunset or truly taste a sun-warmed

strawberry? But this is a gift we must first unwrap

ourselves. We cannot hope to give it to our

children in an e-mail we send them between

appointments at the office.

-Sadie Millhouse-

It really is the simple things in life that can be the source of happiness but do you take the time to appreciate these little things or are we  all too busy wanting to buy things we don’t need? One of the goals I set at the start of this year is to have a “shopping-free” month i.e. I must not make any impulse purchases or buy that pair of shoes I really “need’ or purchase that jumper that’s on sale! I really need to stick to my budget and hopefully after a month of not buying anything other than the grocery essentials I’ll get rid of some bad habits!

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Switchboard Cafe – Melbourne Monday

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Switchboard Cafe, Ground Floor, Manchester Unity Building 220 Collins St. Melbourne

As you walk along Swanston street past all the cheap clothing stores and potato cake-selling diners make sure to take a detour into the this building. On the corner of Collins and Swanston streets is a hole-in-the-wall cafe, a hidden gem where you can get coffee that, I promise you, will satisfy and warm up your entire day. I had heard so many good things about this place and when I finally found it I wondered how they were able to fit the La Marzocco machine let alone run a cafe in a space that is probably the same size as Harry Potter’s home underneath the stairs! But run a business they do and serving up amazing full-flavored coffee is the result! I will be definitely visiting again soon to try out more of their menu and to sit in the cozy little space for some people watching 🙂


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Rozzi’s at Highpoint


A new cafe in the West, Rozzi’s Italian Canteen, a nice big mug of coffee for brekkie, Eggs benedict

Rozzi’s Italian Canteen, Highpoint Shopping Centre, Rosamond Rd, Maribyrnong

Cuisine: Cafe-style with cold salads, focaccias, and cakes in the window and made to order meals on the menu.

Location: Accessible location at the entrance of the new food hall and close to the elevators and escalators.

Service: We came for brunch on a Sunday and it was starting to get busy however we received our coffee and our meals in good time by friendly staff and patient staff.

Food: We both ordered the eggs Benedict, which is rare as we always try to order different dishes so that we can taste more of the menu! It was such a good blend of buttery, smooth flavours and the eggs were poached beautifully. Beautiful presentation.

Drink: I didn’t order any drinks but the better half ordered a cap and it came out in a huge FRIENDS-like mug with a nice aroma 🙂

Kid-Friendly?: Yes! Easy access from the carpark and we were able to arrange our chairs around our table to accommodate our pram!

We wanted to find a comfortable place to enjoy a nice brunch in the sun and decided to check out the new cafe at Highpoint. Rozzi’s is located at the entrance of the food hall section with lots of natural light shining through the windows and both indoor and outdoor seating. After having their deliciously, creamy eggs Benedict and being able to accommodate our pram, we will definitely be coming back to try more! Their salads look delish!!!

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