Work lunch #15 – Ramen with friends in Melbourne’s CBD

  Little Ramen Bar
346 Little Bourke st, Melbourne

I ran into a long time friend on the train the other day and her eyes sparkled when she told me all about her recent trip to Japan. I have still yet to visit Japan but it is definitely on the hubby’s list of places to go to in the near future. With sporadic airfare sales my friend was super excited to be going back again in April and it brought us to the topic of food, among other things.

I love Japanese food especially a warm katsu curry for lunch with workmates but I’m not as familiar with ramen as I’d like to be so my friend suggests we try out some of her favorite ramen places in the city. After a couple of changes to our lunch date we finally settle on a day and I enjoy more stories about the beautiful culture, sights and food of Japan and was also introduced to the metal pop phenomenon, Baby Metal as we enjoyed Little Ramen Bar’s authentic ramen bowls.

We ordered:
Vegetarian Gyoza dumplings full of tofu, vegetables, ginger and secret seasonings

Classic Ramen – original Tonkotsu soup rich in porky goodness extracted from over 10 hours of cooking. Topped with seaweed, bamboo shoots (which I omitted from my order), spring onions, & a slice of pork (OMG the pork was so tasty and tender. I ordered my classic ramen with the shoyu (special soy) base).

Chasu Tamago – a classic ramen topped with extra slices of BBQ pork and seasoned egg

We dined at Little Ramen Bar during the weekday lunch rush and got a table after lining up for only a few minutes. There are tables inside and out filled with hungry office workers slurping down their fix of warm broth and slippery noodles. Casual and clean.

We were served our steaming bowls of ramen quickly, and I was surprised that the waitress actually remembered to omit the bamboo shoots from my order. Nice one 🙂

I always love catching up with friends and sharing stories over delicious meals…especially if they’re about travel, food and shopping!

What are some of your favorite ramen places in Melbourne’s CBD?

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Work lunch #12 – Warm, filling, organic Japanese in Melbourne’s CBD

   I’ve been trying to bring lunch into work more often but when it’s catch up time with fellow blogger Consider the Sauce I know I’m in for a treat.

Kenny suggests this organic little place down Little Collins street and as we get closer to it I cannot believe I haven’t been here yet, it’s so close to the office!

We arrived just a little before 12pm and it was just as well as we beat the lunch time rush and got a table inside. It got so warm with the sun shining through the window – perfect winter day.

  We ordered:
– Organic salmon and miso soup $8 This was one of the 3 soups of the day so Kenny ordered that and it came with a slice of bread
– Half curry + salad combo $9.50 “You also can choose this option as the half size curry and salad combo. If you want to go healthier, this would be the best choice of you!!” This was what it said on their menu and I chose the Toyko style curry of chicken and tomato paired with tofu salad to keep it on the light side. The half size of rice and chicken was so filling that I can’t imagine finishing a full serving – and I eat a lot! Great value for money and I love how you can mix and match! (You can choose from the teriyaki chicken salad, tofu salad or creamy potato salad)
– Tokyo Bento $12 Rice balls, meatball, potato salad w/ Japanese mayo, traditional carrots, and eggplant & tofu w/ sweet miso. The meatball had great flavor.

A cute little cafe with tables inside and out. Casual and comfortable

Fast. Efficient. Somehow when we had started eating our meals, one of the staff came from the back and said they’d forgotten to add something to the Tokyo Bento so he took Kenny’s plate and came back with a meatball. We hadn’t even noticed anything was missing but were thankful for them acknowledging their mistake.

The Details:
Even though you may see a line outside Brimcc’s door, it actually moves quite quickly! Perfect for those in a rush for lunch. Open for lunch and dinner, check out the menu on their website so you know what to order when you get in.

BrimCC – Japanese Organic Cafe
601 Little Collins street

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Work Lunch #11 – Japanese Curry Yummy-ness


  O-Bento Japanese Cuisine
Melbourne CBD

It’s always busy with activity, this hip little Japanese place just off Collins at across from the Rialto building.

If you’re looking to get your tummy full until you can’t eat anymore then this is your dig. If you’re looking to have a quiet conversation with your friends or colleagues then maybe just opt for takeaway – this popular place gets quite noisy during the lunch hour

We ordered:

– Curry katsu don

That is all.

That’s all I needed to be full and content!

Even though I knew the huge bowl had enough food in it to feed three people, once I got started I just couldn’t stop.I ended up eating everything except a couple of pieces of potato…dammit! Zero self restraint. I practically rolled back to my desk.

I knew I had eaten way too much when my colleague exclaimed “You’re a machine, Jac!”

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